About Strategy Leaders

Trial & error is an expensive & painful way to build a business

Strategy Leaders was founded in 1995 by our president, Andi Gray, with the goal of being a business consulting firm unlike any other. The Strategy Leaders process includes strategic and tactical planning, education, coaching, follow-up, and reporting. The firm is known for installing forecasting and tracking tools, giving owners increased control, and showing them how to turn plans into reality.

We know the way.

The Top 5 Goals our Clients Achieve

When it comes to our business strategy & implementation plans, the top five goals Strategy Leaders consultants have helped clients achieve are Peace of Mind, Predictability, Stability, Profitability, and Growth.


Confidence and comfort. Productive accountability. Quantified expectations from employees, clients, and vendors. Regular, measurable, rewarding progress.


Accurate forecasting and effective planning results that meet or exceed expectations. A clear direction and manageable control. Assurance that your business is on target.


Reliable, effective operations. Happy, productive, fulfilled employees. Consistently optimal performance levels. Preparedness for any challenge. Structure that works.


More money coming in than going out. More money in the bank. More money in your pocket. More money in reserve to invest in growth. A sale-able asset.


Increased revenues. New sales. Better sales. Better margins, bigger market share. Stronger long-term relationships. A growing, thriving business.

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The Difference

Results that last, period.

We offer short-term, topic-specific programs, and a long-term development curriculum. Work is conducted in small doses over time. This not only makes our program affordable for the small business owner but also drives and delivers lasting results.

Our mission at Strategy Leaders is to teach owners how to grow profits, build successful long-haul companies and exit the business or continue on their terms. We help owners, employees and families work through issues, align diverse viewpoints, and focus on common outcomes.

We have carefully guided many clients through the challenges of ownership changes and multi-generational transfers. Over half of our practice is devoted to supporting the growth and development of family-owned businesses and companies with multiple owners.

Strategy Leader’s well-documented processes produce consistent, high-quality outcomes, well beyond the norm for the consulting industry. Coordinating with experts in accounting and finance, sales, operations, marketing and human resources.