149 Water Street, 3rd Floor. Norwalk, CT 06854

Author: Robyn Goldenberg

We know the way.

Open House and Ribbon Cutting March 19th!

Come check out our new office space in South Norwalk! We’re excited to be members of the Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce and have Mayor Harry Rilling here for our ribbon cutting! To RSVP, email Robyn@StrategyLeaders.com or give us a call: 203-883-9290.  

Keeping the owner’s priorities up front

We were stretched thin with the amount of work we had. I and my general manager had to pitch in to help. That took both of us away from other things we should be focusing on related to running the company. Do you have any suggestions? Thoughts of the day: Be clear about what are your…
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Try a flexible work week for better engagement

I have people who consistently leave early. that creates a problem for other people here. Up to now I’ve turned a blind eye to the issue, knowing that being flexible can help people better deal with the rest of their lives outside of work. But I’m hearing more complaints and questions about why some people…
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A group of prospective interviewees waiting for their interview

Recruiting employees is key for business success

I interviewed an “A” player but the team passed on her. In retrospect I should have brought her in. How do I get my team to recognize and embrace bringing on high quality talent? Thoughts of the day: Make sure your team is confident in their roles. Define the goals that need to be met, and…
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Use direct mail campaigns to increase ROI

We want to go back to trying mailers again. that means we have to figure out how to get people to read the postcard, not just throw it out. And then have them take action as a result of reading that post card. Whats your opinion on direct mail? Thoughts of the day: Build a…
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