Getting Managers to Think Strategically

"Our managers need to think strategically. I see them falling into a hole of being comfortable. They come in, do a day of tactical work, and go home. They're not helping me solve the significant challenges we're facing now. They...

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Remote Work: How to Manage and Motivate Your Team

Initially written for Chauffeur Driven Magazine by Robyn Goldenberg. Remote work is the new normal. COVID drastically changed how companies operate, and it's also changed how employees work and where they work. Many companies have reduced their square footage or even closed...

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Realistic Business Goals During Uncertain Times

Originally Published: November 15, 2021 for Chauffeur Driven Magazine   Question: I’m not sure how to plan realistic business goals for the future. I’m almost at “what’s the point?”. The past year and a half have been so unpredictable. Expectations...

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