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Marketing manager responsible for driving sales

For our marketing manager, the pipeline report is a task, nothing more. How do we get buy-in to the role we want this tool to play? I want to ensure we have enough opportunities coming down the road to hit our sales goals, and get warnings when we have to do more marketing to keep…
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Having the Right Marketing Support

I don’t want to be overpaying for marketing leads. How can I manage the resources I plan to hire, in order to help us grow new business opportunity? Thoughts of the Day: Hiring the right marketing vendor is a process. Focus on ROI. You’ll likely be using more than one vendor in marketing, so your…
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Magnet pulling people for inbound lead generation

Building a sales pipeline of prospects

We have some things in the pipeline, but not $20k in the pipeline to meet our goals; not knowing where the sales goals are going to come from just gnaws at me Thoughts of the Day: In every small business, it’s marketing’s job to push up the volume in the sales pipeline. Think of the…
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Need To Do More in Marketing Than I Have Time For

  We have no one to work on marketing. Looks like I’m going to have to project manage it myself. But I don’t have the time to focus on it. Now what? THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Marketing does better when someone owns the department’s success. Make sure your marketing expectations are realistic. Look for someone who…
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Building an Effective Sales and Marketing Plan

“I know sales can benefit from the guidance of a sales and marketing plan. But we don’t have one. What goes into that kind of plan? How do you make a plan that will be as effective as possible?” THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Define on paper what results you want to achieve in sales and then…
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