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The Art of Realistic and Accurate Estimating

As a small business owner, I struggle with quoting prices and scheduling. I end up over promising to the customer, stressing out my people and hurting the bottom line. I underestimate the work involved. That puts pressure on my employees to deliver within an unrealistic time frame. The cost to produce is higher than expected…
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Working the Night Shift: Is it time to add another shift?

We want to keep up with customer demands. How much can we produce without going to another shift, what is our shift capacity? We don’t have anything figured out for the night shift. When should we consider doing this, and what would be involved? How do we add another shift, and can we keep it…
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Fixing Production Delays

Things got behind in production and we’re trying to catch up. Can you give us any suggestions? Thoughts of the Day: There are lots of contributors to backlog. Check on re-do’s and inventory. Take a look at which equipment is the most behind. Look for efficiencies. Build a realistic production plan. Assign staff to talk…
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Getting Out the Door On Time

Want to have our field people get out the door faster. Some arrive late, and when they do punch in they take their time getting on the road. The field crews can’t get their work done and we can’t make money unless everyone is here on time and out the door almost as soon as…
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Getting Estimating Under Control

My partner is bogged down with estimates. Sometimes we spend too much time estimating and the payoff is low; but without a detailed estimate, we don’t really know the job cost and what to quote to a customer so we can make a profit. We need to focus on getting more sales, and my partner…
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