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Drawing the Line on Free Service

“Doing a lot of free service repairs for customers who break things. Some of it is in warranty and some not but we do it for free anyway to protect our reputation for providing a superior product. Our total service costs are going up each year and it feels like it’s getting out of hand.…
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Teaching a new supervisor to supervise correctly

“We have a new supervisor who is used to having her hand into everything. She was a great team leader, helping her co-workers to get better at what they do. We have high hopes for her as a supervisor, but she’s got a lot to learn. If she is going to manage the back, she…
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How to instill time management in your employees

“Our top designer has no time management at all. His boss isn’t on site all the time to manage him. It might help if the guy managing the back could also manager our designer, but I don’t think that’s realistic because they don’t really cross paths all day. If no one is on him to…
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Stay organized to win

“When we were smaller and I was wearing all the hats I knew what customers wanted and I could oversee everything and make sure customers got what they expected. As we have grown it’s gotten more complicated and I’ve had to learn that I can’t control everything. As more people get involved, they have to…
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Counting on the service department for profitablity

It looks to be a rough month for service, which we count on for making our numbers. Looks like we’re not even close to what need to bill out. Weather caused some interruptions. Holidays don’t help. And a lot of people have been out sick. If we’re down three to four people per day multiplied…
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