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Category: Owner Strategies

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Keeping the owner’s priorities up front

We were stretched thin with the amount of work we had. I and my general manager had to pitch in to help. That took both of us away from other things we should be focusing on related to running the company. Do you have any suggestions? Thoughts of the day: Be clear about what are your…
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Try a flexible work week for better engagement

I have people who consistently leave early. that creates a problem for other people here. Up to now I’ve turned a blind eye to the issue, knowing that being flexible can help people better deal with the rest of their lives outside of work. But I’m hearing more complaints and questions about why some people…
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Align the business with better customers

I would love to just say “no” to one of our customers who is unfairly demanding and not that great in terms of profit. They buy a lot of what we produce, but I can get past that with other better customers. My issue is that I want to help them out so a competitor…
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Successful Women Business Owners

Do you think women business owners have a harder time getting ahead with their small business as compared to their male counterparts? Do you think they get taken seriously by the people around them who can help or hinder their business? Or do they get special advantages because of women-owned business programs and if so, is…
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Focusing Our Efforts On Growth and Profit

  “We own a few businesses and we’d agreed to put all of our efforts into growing the premium services company. However the results seem to be getting worse rather than better. I’m starting to wonder whether we chose the right company to focus on, and if so, how to get it going in the…
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