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We know the way.

Getting new sales people off the ground

“Know that it takes a year to get someone started in sales without a pipeline. We can’t afford to take that much of a hit on getting a sales person starting up from scratch. Could pay more for the sales person the first year than what they can bring in, if they don’t come in…
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Effective sales meetings must generate results

“Had the sales meeting, great ideas, then . . . maybe not so much in terms of real measurable results. Accountability is important. Think our sales meetings may be too big picture. Having a discussion about where we’re going is valid, but our immediate need is to answer the question: “Where’s the fruit?”” Thoughts of…
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What’s market share all about

“We don’t have a clue what is our market share. We are in several vertical markets, but we don’t how much just comes to us from each of those markets, and how much we have to fight to get. Nor do we have a plan going forward for how much business we can count on,…
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Finding the right clients

“Trying hard to get into a new client. Think it’s a good fit for us since we handle a lot of this type of business. Concerned about the margin, but I don’t feel comfortable jacking prices – especially on repeat business and commodity business, which this could be. Also aware that in trying to get…
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Diagnosing and Correcting a Sales Downturn

“Sales aren’t here; this was the third billing month we didn’t hit our goal; looking ahead, we could have a fourth month where we might not hit our goal. Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling a softening? And who cares what everyone else if feeling, I still need to do more sales…
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