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Finding the right clients

“Trying hard to get into a new client. Think it’s a good fit for us since we handle a lot of this type of business. Concerned about the margin, but I don’t feel comfortable jacking prices – especially on repeat business and commodity business, which this could be. Also aware that in trying to get…
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Special rules for family?

“My sister is family, but she is also an employee. And she comes and goes when she wants. When she’s here, she does a good job. But it’s the example I’m worried about. Everyone else here has to arrive on time and stay to the end of the day. If they’re constantly late, if they…
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Office drama must be eliminated

“There seems to be a ton of personal drama in the office. And I hate it. It disrupts not only my day, but others get caught up in back and forth conversations about things that don’t lead to productive work habits. How can I shut this down?” Thoughts of the Day: Encourage people to be…
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Empowering employees to make decisions

We have a lot of people who stop short of taking the reins and running with improvements. They’re all deferring to me and I just want them to take action. What can I do? “ Thoughts of the Day: Building an organization that functions without the owner at the center can be a real challenge…
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Don’t hesitate when dealing with thieves

“I just heard from a business associate that their company got looted by a couple of employees. Over a couple of years the employees stole more than $400,000. And no one noticed. My friend is obviously devastated. And I’m scared that this could happen to me. It’s not that my friend was an “absentee landlord.”…
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