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Buying a Business Can Be a Great Way to Grow

Bought a small business a couple years ago. Everything that was bad with that deal is now coming into fruition. Any suggestions on what to do to make things better – either on this, or future acquisitions? Thoughts of the Day: Buying a business is a great way to grow. According to the statistics, not…
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Businessperson Looking At Vacant Chairs Through Magnifying Glass

Afraid to hire new employees, that’s how owners get stuck

I’m afraid to hire new employees, only to lay them off… I’m definitely working more than I should be… I’m sure you’ve been in the same place. Ugh! Thoughts? Thoughts of the Day: Read your note with concern – this is how business owners get stuck. Decide how much future hiring will be driven by…
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Clearing the air with an employee

Don’t think this employee is a long term player. Thinking more along the lines of how much can I get out of the situation short term. How do I find out if I’m on target? Thoughts of the Day: Clear the air with an employee; do what’s uncomfortable: make your concerns known. Figure out how to…
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Magnet pulling people for inbound lead generation

Building a sales pipeline of prospects

We have some things in the pipeline, but not $20k in the pipeline to meet our goals; not knowing where the sales goals are going to come from just gnaws at me Thoughts of the Day: In every small business, it’s marketing’s job to push up the volume in the sales pipeline. Think of the…
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Trouble with commercial sales? Making the transition from retail can be challenging.

As a successful small construction business, we’ve had a strong residential client base for a long time. Now we’re trying to diversify by getting into the commercial and light industrial sales. We’re finding that commercial / industrial market is tougher to get into than we expected. Thoughts of the Day: It may not be harder…
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