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A group of prospective interviewees waiting for their interview

Recruiting employees is key for business success

I interviewed an “A” player but the team passed on her. In retrospect I should have brought her in. How do I get my team to recognize and embrace bringing on high quality talent? Thoughts of the day: Make sure your team is confident in their roles. Define the goals that need to be met, and…
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Use direct mail campaigns to increase ROI

We want to go back to trying mailers again. that means we have to figure out how to get people to read the postcard, not just throw it out. And then have them take action as a result of reading that post card. Whats your opinion on direct mail? Thoughts of the day: Build a…
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Counting on the service department for profitablity

It looks to be a rough month for service, which we count on for making our numbers. Looks like we’re not even close to what need to bill out. Weather caused some interruptions. Holidays don’t help. And a lot of people have been out sick. If we’re down three to four people per day multiplied…
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Align the business with better customers

I would love to just say “no” to one of our customers who is unfairly demanding and not that great in terms of profit. They buy a lot of what we produce, but I can get past that with other better customers. My issue is that I want to help them out so a competitor…
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Cash strapped businesses can’t grow

I’ve got a big cash crunch coming up. We have a big contract and they’re not making payments. We have expenses that just won’t go away. New work is coming in that needs to be worked on. Our bank account is getting low; our credit lines are tapped out. It’s a good business overall, just…
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