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We know the way.

Getting new sales people off the ground

“Know that it takes a year to get someone started in sales without a pipeline. We can’t afford to take that much of a hit on getting a sales person starting up from scratch. Could pay more for the sales person the first year than what they can bring in, if they don’t come in…
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Special rules for family?

“My sister is family, but she is also an employee. And she comes and goes when she wants. When she’s here, she does a good job. But it’s the example I’m worried about. Everyone else here has to arrive on time and stay to the end of the day. If they’re constantly late, if they…
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Setting a new salesperson on the path to success

“We have a new person on board to help us with sales. She said doesn’t want a boss, she’s used to working on her own, setting her own goals and hitting them. She is on a base plus commission, so we are taking some risk, and so is she. We know we have to keep…
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Lessons from millennials about work-life balance

Millennials are very guarded about their time, but we need flexibility. Any suggestions? THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Remember when you had a life, before you got totally wrapped up the in the business? Make agreements with your employees about what is acceptable. Staff your business to allow flexibility and recovery ability. Happy employees and a good…
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Ramping Up Your Workers’ Experience

Have an inexperienced team of people. They’re eager and want to learn, and they are picking stuff up quickly. That said, I need to get them ready for a big seasonal push that’s coming within a few short weeks. I don’t want them making costly mistakes, or saying yes to something when they should be…
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