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Good Accounting Practices Must Be a Top Priority

  Office staff doesn’t know enough about our accounting practices. Or accounting in general for that matter. The accounting says they’re overwhelmed. If anyone in that department is out sick, they get behind. Space is limited in accounting. They’re dealing...

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Reserves and debt

"I have recently used some of my business credit line. In the past I've heard you talk about the need for reserve funds. What do you suggest I do in terms of priorities - build up reserves vs. pay down...

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year-end planning Unit cost Business Partners in Line

Tips to end the year

The end of the year is coming up fast. We've had a good year, business wise, but haven't been as good as we could be at keeping our records up to date. Any suggestions on actions we should take before...

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turn around Cash flow and Cash Reserves are Weak in Business

Take the crunch out of your cash flow

  "I'm expecting a cash flow crunch for the next month. Any suggestions? I'm hoping it will be short term, but need to be prepared in case it lasts longer than expected." Managing your way through a cash flow crunch...

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Keeping your business on track

I'm staying up nights, worrying about whether things are okay, and questioning whether or not I'm on top of everything. I'm good at staying on top of the day-to-day stuff, but I need help with the bigger picture. Sometimes, it...

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