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Having the Right Marketing Support

I don’t want to be overpaying for marketing leads. How can I manage the resources I plan to hire, in order to help us grow new business opportunity? Thoughts of the Day: Hiring the right marketing vendor is a process. Focus on ROI. You’ll likely be using more than one vendor in marketing, so your…
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Buying a Business Can Be a Great Way to Grow

Bought a small business a couple years ago. Everything that was bad with that deal is now coming into fruition. Any suggestions on what to do to make things better – either on this, or future acquisitions? Thoughts of the Day: Buying a business is a great way to grow. According to the statistics, not…
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A Business Set to Grow

We have to make sure our business is set up to be scalable in every way, so that we don’t get stuck as we work to make progress growing the business. What are your recommendations to help us get there? Thoughts of the Day:  Know what it is you’re trying to accomplish and clue everyone…
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Buying a building? Think future as well as present

We’d like to buy a building. We also want to invest in developing more sales. Unfortunately we have limited funds to work with and we’re thinking this building could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How much do we need to buy a building? What is the best decision to make? Thoughts of the day… Investing in growth…
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How to make a partnership work

The partner we thought we had has turned out not to be a true partner. We feel like they went behind our backs and directly approached our customers and our employees. This, after they’d agreed to keep hands-off. Thoughts of the day: How much do you have in common with your partner candidates? What do…
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