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turn around Cash flow and Cash Reserves are Weak in Business

Cash flow and Cash Reserves are Weak

We have cash flow problems. Don't ever seem to have enough cash reserves to get through life's big and little bumps. Know we need to figure that out better. I don't want to keep putting my personal funds in whenever...

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poor Cash flow strapped businesses can't grow

A cash-strapped business can’t grow

We've got a cash crunch coming up. We have a big contract and they're not making payments. We have expenses that depend on this money being paid on time. Plus new work is coming in that needs our attention. Our...

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Turn around sales, profits, and the business

Productivity Drives Profit

What drives productivity profit? If we hire another salesperson, operations would need to deliver. People are already working hard within available hours. They are worried about getting things done. Or fail to deliver. What happens when sales pick up? Thoughts...

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Pay for the right sales results

When Business Owners Deserve a Pay Raise

  I deserve a pay raise. As a business owner, I’ve scrimped and cut corners through lean times. I’ve given employees raises and spent money to upgrade equipment. It seems like there’s never enough. My family is pressuring me to...

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balance business cash to debt

Build Business Cash to be Healthy

We need to build business cash in case of emergency, fund payroll, etc. We’re operating very close. The money that comes in goes right back out. Feels like a treadmill. We’re not making progress. We have loans and old bills...

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improve cash flow and Cash Reserves are Weak

Improve Cash Flow

Ask Andi: I thought we’d improve cash flow this month. But we’re still playing catch up on last month’s billing. It seems like we’re always late getting our invoices out the door to customers, and then it takes clients forever...

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time inventory management | Strategy Leaders

Find Gold by Controlling Inventory

Ask Andi: We have trouble controlling inventory. Parts come in and go out from various directions. Picked up at stores. Delivered to clients or our shop. Brought in by stock trucks. Installed at clients. And sitting inventory. We could be...

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Successful business Dealmaking in Business

Business Dealmaking Skills

Ask Andi: Business dealmaking needs sharpening. Deals we thought were in the bag have suddenly been put on hold. Sales are flying out the window. We have to turn things around. Or next quarter could be really ugly. How are...

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