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Growing with Labor Shortages

We’re finding it hard to take in more work at the moment. With the labor shortages, and unemployment so low, we are short on staff needed to produce the work. We’re finding it hard to find enough people who are interested or qualified to work for us. How do we keep growing if this is…
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Prioritizing at the Owner Level

  Have a partner who can’t prioritize. He works on one thing until he’s done, doesn’t matter how frustrated he gets, gets stuck and just is stuck. How can I help him get unstuck so he can work on top priority things? For that matter, what should be at the top of the priority list?…
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Include Every Team Member in Setting Goals

Common company wide goals – we don’t have them. We’re all self-interested in what we’re doing, and sometimes it’s hard to understand each other’s pictures. Not sure if we’re lacking the patience or the perspective we need. When we do make goals, they seem loose, they don’t get transferred to the entire team, and we…
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Deciding to Buy or Rent as Your Company Grows

We are out of room. We need to decide if we’re going to stay here or move. Staying as we are means picking up additional space, which I think is going to be expensive. Our other option would be to buy, or lease someplace else. If we want to buy, I know that will take…
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