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Drawing the Line on Free Service

“Doing a lot of free service repairs for customers who break things. Some of it is in warranty and some not but we do it for free anyway to protect our reputation for providing a superior product. Our total service costs are going up each year and it feels like it’s getting out of hand.…
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Learn From An Angry Customer

My service manager just passed a letter to me. It came from an irate customer. I think the customer is dead wrong, and just blowing off steam. What do you think I should do? Thoughts of the Day: Whether your company is right or wrong, this customer just did you a favor. Think about the…
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This Year is About Finding the Right Client

I’m starting to plan for 2011. In 2010 we took on anything and everything, chasing cash flow.  We didn’t do a good job assessing if each client was right for us, and that has to change. At the same time, loosing clients is painful, and we may have to lose some if we change our…
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