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Combining brands after an acquisition

“Just bought a product line from another company. It’s going to be a great growth opportunity for us, as we expose our clients to another solution that they can use every day. However, the brand transition is going to be work – lot of heavy lifting – just has to get done. Figuring out the…
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Drawing the Line on Free Service

“Doing a lot of free service repairs for customers who break things. Some of it is in warranty and some not but we do it for free anyway to protect our reputation for providing a superior product. Our total service costs are going up each year and it feels like it’s getting out of hand.…
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Ensuring Customer Satisfaction is Met

It’s been tough to know when a job is 100% complete. Our people aren’t sure how to know if they’re done. Sometimes the customer calls back weeks later with a concern or complaint, and we have no idea how to respond. How do we get better control? Thoughts of the Day: Insuring that a job…
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Competing for Market-share

When you’re a small company, most high end clients want to use a larger company – at least that’s what I’ve found. Do you have any suggestions on how to get around that concern? Thoughts of the Day: Check to see if you’re marketing to the right kinds of clients for your business. Build an…
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