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efficient estimating Realistic and Accurate Estimating in Business

Having the Right Marketing Support

I don’t want to be overpaying for marketing support. How can I manage the resources I plan to hire, in order to help us grow new business opportunities? Thoughts of the Day: Hiring the right marketing support is a process....

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website maintenance Working with Intention Towards Marketing business better

Marketing with Intention

We see marketing as necessary, we just don’t budget for it. And we don’t have a plan, no clue how to build one. We try stuff and hope it works. We're not sure how much to spend on marketing. Or...

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building customer feedback into loyalty

Build and Maintain Customer Loyalty

We add one client and then we lose one. There’s no real growth to maintain customer loyalty. We have never done a campaign push to grow the maintenance side of our business. Should we focus there? And if so, how...

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Build a foundation for business marketing

Building a Marketing Foundation

How we describe ourselves, what our goals are, what we do. Describing those things are the biggest issues we face in building a marketing foundation. We’re good at what we do, but we don’t spend a lot of time crowing...

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Teach Leadership To Your Employees

Taking sales to the next level

Taking sales to the next level like we had a couple years ago are not going to happen again. Everyone agrees that we’ve already hit the high-water mark. We never had much of a sales organization. We just got calls...

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How to see the forest you love despite the trees in the way

Seeing the forest through the trees

I am so wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of my business that I don’t get around to working on the big picture. We're not seeing the forest through the trees. How much of a problem is this, really? After...

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using pr business does not mean being a doormat

Master Marketing

  There is so much information out there to master marketing. It makes it hard to get attention and look believable. As we test new things, we don’t know if each new marketing idea will work or not. How do...

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