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Protection and Planning Key to Prosperity

Key to prosperity as the business has grown and prospered. We just bought a building and are setting it up. Getting around to making a will, insurance, and succession plans; never really worked on how to protect my family and...

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Strategy Leaders Business Succession

Get Your Succession Plan in Order Now

  Our business needs a succession plan. The strategy has been to recruit good people, promoting from within if possible. With the people in place who could play a significant role in the company’s next generation, we're ready. Next we...

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Get off the roller coaster of entrepreneurship

Build a Business After Entrepreneurship

If I am going to build my company into what it truly can be, I need to work on structure, managing, taking on more difficult tasks: creating reports, thinking instead of reacting, being more proactive than reactive. That seems a...

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Pleasing the Bank credit line

Cleaning Up Business Line of Credit

Ask Andi: Our business line of credit has an annual requirement to get out of the line for 30 days. That time frame is nearing. We’re doing a lot better this year than last; it’s mostly a timing issue. I’m...

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