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Cross training allows to build talent bank

Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

I have been told that culture shapes employee motivation. Motivation solutions increase performance. I’m not great at that – seems gratuitous. I’m busy and get my tasks done, no one pats me on the back. Why should I do more...

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Good Accounting Practices Must Be a Top Priority

  Office staff doesn’t know enough about our accounting practices. Or accounting in general for that matter. The accounting says they’re overwhelmed. If anyone in that department is out sick, they get behind. Space is limited in accounting. They’re dealing...

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Family Business Succession Plans

  Facing family business succession, we need a plan. We’re dealing with a family member who should be retiring. Unfortunately, she still owns the stock and is very controlling. We want to take the company forward, but don’t have the...

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Shift Work and Eliminating Disruptions

  We run a couple of different shift work schedules most days. We’re finding information doesn’t get shared. We end up duplicating effort as one shift re-does what another shift was supposed to do. Not everyone gets there at the...

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Strategy Leaders Business Succession

Get Your Succession Plan in Order Now

  Our business needs a succession plan. The strategy has been to recruit good people, promoting from within if possible. With the people in place who could play a significant role in the company’s next generation, we're ready. Next we...

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