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Don’t hesitate when dealing with thieves

“I just heard from a business associate that their company got looted by a couple of employees. Over a couple of years the employees stole more than $400,000. And no one noticed. My friend is obviously devastated. And I’m scared that this could happen to me. It’s not that my friend was an “absentee landlord.”…
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Increase Profits by Focusing on Profit Margin

I’m not sure how to increase profits, and effectively manage profit margin. I don’t want low-margin sales and don’t want to sell low-margin products. But it’s hard to turn down opportunities from clients that have work for us. Thoughts of the Day: Take a look at your mix of business overall. Having a mix of…
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What to look for in a new accountant

As a small business owner, my gut says it’s time to look for a new accountant. But I don’t know where to start. Our accountant has been totally focused on taxes. Think we should be working on more than that. Any advice? Thoughts of the Day: Finance is the keeper of the numbers of the…
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Figuring Out If We’re Having An OK Year

We’re hitting our numbers in terms of new sales, but we’re still off in overall revenue and profit forecast. We’re trying to figure out what’s working and what’s not working. Is it mix? If the mix is OK, maybe our forecast was off? What about the time it takes to ramp up and show results?…
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Pleasing the Bank

We need to get a loan to tide us over as we start to ramp up to our busy season. All the banks have been calling us saying they want our business, and so far we’ve talked to a couple. When we get into the details, we find they are hard to please. While the…
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