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turn around Cash flow and Cash Reserves are Weak in Business

Cash flow and Cash Reserves are Weak

We have cash flow problems. Don't ever seem to have enough cash reserves to get through life's big and little bumps. Know we need to figure that out better. I don't want to keep putting my personal funds in whenever...

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poor Cash flow strapped businesses can't grow

A cash-strapped business can’t grow

We've got a cash crunch coming up. We have a big contract and they're not making payments. We have expenses that depend on this money being paid on time. Plus new work is coming in that needs our attention. Our...

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Getting a Handle on Business accurate Financial reporting

Getting a Handle on Financial Management

Why is keeping up with finances so complicated? It should be more straightforward. Maybe we don’t have the right people; maybe things aren’t organized enough? I constantly struggle to know what’s coming in, what bills to pay, where we stand...

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How do i know if my business is making a profit

Figuring Out If We’re Having An OK Year

We’re hitting our numbers in terms of new sales, but we’re still off in overall revenue and profit forecast. We’re trying to figure out what’s working and what’s not working. Is it a mix? If the mix is OK, maybe...

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How to see the forest you love despite the trees in the way

Seeing the forest through the trees

I am so wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of my business that I don’t get around to working on the big picture. We're not seeing the forest through the trees. How much of a problem is this, really? After...

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Good Accounting Practices Must Be a Top Priority

  Office staff doesn’t know enough about our accounting practices. Or accounting in general for that matter. The accounting says they’re overwhelmed. If anyone in that department is out sick, they get behind. Space is limited in accounting. They’re dealing...

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