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We know the way.

Growing with Labor Shortages

We’re finding it hard to take in more work at the moment. With the labor shortages, and unemployment so low, we are short on staff needed to produce the work. We’re finding it hard to find enough people who are interested or qualified to work for us. How do we keep growing if this is…
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Am I spread too thin?

I keep getting called on to deal with problems that crop up as we try to deliver what’s been promised. Since I know more about how things work and have a broader view of where we are going, it’s a natural request. Besides, I like being in control of the decisions about how and when…
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Make your business unique

We need a differentiator; as an industry we’re being commoditized. We won’t be able to stay in business forever unless things change. Thoughts of the day: Offering something unique boosts profitability and chances for survival in any small business. Avoid price wars. Turn away some buyers in order to create value. Don’t get complacent. Be…
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Can this partnership be saved?

I have a partner who cuts corners all the time. I want to do things the right way. Seems like we don’t see eye to eye very often. What should I do? Thoughts of the day: Start with goals to get clear about what each of you expect from the company. Think about how well…
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Buying a building? Think future as well as present

We’d like to buy a building. We also want to invest in developing more sales. Unfortunately we have limited funds to work with and we’re thinking this building could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How much do we need to buy a building? What is the best decision to make? Thoughts of the day… Investing in growth…
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