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imagining the future - build a plan for business

Build your future business

The good news is we’ve been growing. But we’re operating a company of 50 employees the same way as we worked when we were 20 employees. We're ready to do things better as we continue to grow. We want to...

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Getting Employees to Do Their Jobs

Irreplaceable? Think again…

Ask Andi: Many employees get comfortable then act like they're irreplaceable. They have grown into important roles. But that kind of attitude isn’t good for the company. Are long-time employees replaceable? Thoughts of the Day: Make great employees irreplaceable. Build...

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Building an Effective Sales Marketing Planning lead generation

Stop Reacting and Start Planning

Ask Andi: We need to start planning. We react to day-to-day issues, instead of looking ahead. We create problems by not fixing them. Can you help us stick to top priorities? Thoughts of the Day: Stop reacting, start planning. Identify...

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Set Business Goals & Objectives

Business Goals and How To Set Them

Ask Andi: How do you set business goals and track follow-through? Thoughts of the Day: Set business goals. Follow a process. Make goals challenging. Be specific. Brain dump. Create a list of unedited material. Then edit it. Work with others...

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Trial and Error enough Marketing Share

Enough Marketing

Ask Andi: How do we dedicate enough marketing time to grow the business? We are stretched thin, and marketing falls on my desk. This means if I get busy it won't get done. Will good enough increase revenue? Thoughts of...

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