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imagining the future - build a plan for business

Build your future business

The good news is we’ve been growing. But we’re operating a company of 50 employees the same way as we worked when we were 20 employees. We're ready to do things better as we continue to grow. We want to...

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Effective Leadership Letting Others Step Up

Building Tomorrow’s Leadership Team

We need to build tomorrow's leadership team to drive this company forward. Our management team needs to understand that to drive performance. Employees look to me for direction. It all sits on my shoulders. I’m at fault for the way...

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Building an Effective Sales Marketing team

Build a Tip-Top Sales Team

Ask Andi: I’m trying to build a tip-top sales team. One is not a tiger at prospecting. Another only call existing contacts and referrals. Others leave networking events without exchanging business cards. We need more qualified leads. Trial and error...

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reality sales check organizing to succeed Benefits of Teamwork in Business

Bring a Reality Check to Sales

Ask Andi: A reality sales check is needed. One exaggerates accomplishments. He tells stories about what he's done instead of getting more leads. Another's estimates are overly enthusiastic about what she can realistically close. She works hard but gets down...

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operational planning Construction materials on the rise

Operational Planning the Right Way

Ask Andi: Whose responsible for operational planning? Policies and procedures are being ignored. People do whatever is convenient. The shop is a mess. Our trucks are worn out from careless driving. Inventory is left lying around and gets lost, damaged,...

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struggling manager transition doer project account manager

Manager Struggling to Manage

Ask Andi: We have a manager struggling to get a new employee up to speed. We may fail this new employee by letting the manager make training mistakes at the employee's expense. But we don't want to step in and...

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