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CRM for More Business

I know that before we can focus on closing sales, we have to button things up with putting leads on the table and keeping track of them. A couple proposals and follow ups slipped through the cracks recently, which has me worried. Want to work smarter, not harder. Need a system to know how we’re doing with the potential sales we’re working to get.

Thoughts of the Day: Marketing precedes sales, and it’s a huge topic. Build a system for tracking opportunities. Work that system to generate new business. Figure out how many opportunities convert from one stage of the pipeline to the next. Use the historical data to predict backwards and figure out how much you need at every stage of the pipeline in order to hit your goals.

Competing for Market-share

When you’re a small company, most high end clients want to use a larger company – at least that’s what I’ve found. Do you have any suggestions on how to get around that concern? Thoughts of the Day: Check…

Make Marketing Work for You

Other companies are better at marketing than we are; they’re better getting business from it. Help! Thoughts of the Day: Build a plan and stick to it. Position your company as influential. Integrate marketing with sales. Monitor results. Look…