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Getting new sales people off the ground

“Know that it takes a year to get someone started in sales without a pipeline. We can’t afford to take that much of a hit on getting a sales person starting up from scratch. Could pay more for the sales person the first year than what they can bring in, if they don’t come in…
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Who’s Asking for Information on my Website?

Q: I worry about stranger danger with website inquiries. We don’t know who we’re talking to. For all I know, it’s a competitor we’re sending information to. What should I send? How do I get them to tell me who they are? Thoughts of the day: The Internet can be an anonymous place – and some people…
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The Give-and-Take in Networking

When it comes to sharing leads with other people, I think I’m pretty generous. It sometimes feels that I’m giving more than I’m receiving. I know that the networking premise is, I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine : but will it happen?  I don’t want to just presume that people will send business opportunities…
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Pick the Networking Group That Works For You

The basic networking premise is: you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours : but will it happen?  In the networking groups we belong to, there’s a presumption that leads will happen, but in my experience that’s not necessarily so. How do we increase the odds of getting payback from the networking groups we’re in? Find…
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Make Networking Work for Everyone

How hard do you try to make things work? I’m in a networking group and am constantly getting criticized by one member. It’s wearing thin, but I want to be inclusive and not take this personally. Building any kind of organization requires skill at managing human relationships. Use goals and a code of conduct to…
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