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Increase Profits by Focusing on Profit Margin

I’m not sure how to increase profits, and effectively manage profit margin. I don’t want low-margin sales and don’t want to sell low-margin products. But it’s hard to turn down opportunities from clients that have work for us. Thoughts of the Day: Take a look at your mix of business overall. Having a mix of…
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Sell things for what they’re worth

Our salesperson likes to discount things, especially add-on services, which are a really big profit margin for us. He’s even told some clients we would do it at cost. We need to fix this now because he’s starting to make headway in sales. Bigger accounts are coming in and we could end up losing a…
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Using key measures to make a profit

We’re having trouble making a profit right now. Invoices are up this year, but so is payroll and just about every other expense. If we can’t make money, what’s the point? Thoughts of the Day: Growth needs a plan in order to get things to turn out right. Figure out what you really want. Don’t…
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Keeping the Nest Egg Intact

I don’t want to save money and then spend it to get through our slow months. Every year it feels like we give back all our profits when it gets quiet. Help! THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Savings are essential. So is fiscal discipline. Know what you can and cannot afford to do. As the business…
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How to Balance Benefits and Profits

We’re not sure what to do about health care. We’re worried about getting hit with increases in premiums this year, which could eat into our profits. How do we sort it out? Thoughts of the day: Figure out what your company can and can’t afford to pay. Health care has been in constant change for…
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