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Grow a Business: Using key measures to make a profit

Increasing profits based on key measurements

We’re having trouble increasing profits. Invoices are up this year, but so is payroll and just about every other expense. If we can’t make money, what’s the point? Thoughts of the Day: Increasing profits need a plan in order to...

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Keeping the Nest Egg branding your Business

Keeping the Financial Nest Egg Intact

to buiI don’t want to save money and then spend the financial nest egg to get through our slow months. Every year it feels like we give back all our profits when it gets quiet. Help! THOUGHTS OF THE DAY:...

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Manage your cash flow business wild ride

Getting Paid in Tough Times in Business

  We're having tough times in business. The business has been struggling. And consequently, so has my family. Things got really bad at home when I had to suspend my salary and didn’t take any distributions. We’re working hard to...

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balance business cash to debt

Build Business Cash to be Healthy

We need to build business cash in case of emergency, fund payroll, etc. We’re operating very close. The money that comes in goes right back out. Feels like a treadmill. We’re not making progress. We have loans and old bills...

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