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Building a Sales Plan for your Business

Building a Sales Plan

Building a sales plan is new to us. We’ve never made a planned out way to get leads and work leads. What should we use as a template? How can we make sure the plan works? Thoughts of the Day:...

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Trouble with commercial sales?

  We're having trouble with commercial sales. As a successful small construction business, we’ve had a strong residential client base for a long time. Now we’re trying to diversify by getting into the commercial and light industrial sales. We’re finding...

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Managing Business is quiet

What’s in the Sales Pipeline

Can’t give you specific numbers on what’s in our sales pipeline. Don’t know how that relates to what we need for business in order to be healthy. Seems too complicated to try and put it all together. Thoughts of the...

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Learn to Sell Yourself to Beat Competitors

Beat competitors? We are absolutely getting beat out on jobs. Even with referrals, we are losing bids to a competitor who is doing shoddy work. They're making mistakes on estimating, installing the wrong materials. And billing clients for significant upcharges....

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Communicate Efficientlyclearly Build marketing discipline work

Make Marketing Work for You

Ask Andi: How do we make marketing work? Other companies get business from their efforts. What can we do better? Thoughts of the Day: Build a plan. Make it stick. Position your company. Solve customer problems. Be there when they...

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