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We know the way.

Getting new sales people off the ground

“Know that it takes a year to get someone started in sales without a pipeline. We can’t afford to take that much of a hit on getting a sales person starting up from scratch. Could pay more for the sales person the first year than what they can bring in, if they don’t come in…
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Getting Prepared to Handle a Surge in Sales

Sales opportunities are opening up – more than we’ve seen in a long time. I want us to get as much new sales as we can while things are looking up. My big fear is we’re not prepared to handle all of what we’re getting an opportunity to bid on now. If too much hits…
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Keep Marketing in the Mix

When it comes to marketing, we are caught between a tight budget, and the need to know what to continue, what to change. We know that when you stop doing marketing you lose all the momentum. But we’re having trouble figuring out how much is enough, too much, too little. Help!   Thoughts of the…
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