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Turning leads into closes

“Lots of activities but not enough closes. Lots of leads, just have to light a fire to get going faster to turn leads into work. How do we do that?”

Thoughts of the Day: Good news is you have opportunities coming in the door. Should you be closing the leads you have in front of you? Do you understand your clients’ needs, and how well are you doing at conveying that understanding? Is this the right time for your client to buy, and what can you do about adjusting the timing?

What’s in the Pipeline

  Can’t give you specific numbers on what’s in our pipeline. Don’t know how that relates to what we need for business in order to be healthy. Seems too complicated to try and put it all together. Thoughts of…

Building a Sales Team

  We need to grow sales, which means increasing the number of people we have calling on potential business opportunities. Unfortunately we can’t get people to come in to interview for sales positions. How are we going to grow…