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Building a Sales Plan for your Business

Building a Sales Plan

Building a sales plan is new to us. We’ve never made a planned out way to get leads and work leads. What should we use as a template? How can we make sure the plan works? Thoughts of the Day:...

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Building a Great Sales Team

Building a Sales Team

  Building a sales team means increasing the number of people we have calling on potential business opportunities. Unfortunately, we can’t get people to come in to interview for sales positions. How are we going to grow if we can’t...

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Teach Leadership To Your Employees

A formula for building up sales

We haven’t had good luck building up sales by turning things over to salespeople. We give them leads they don’t turn into business. Later on, we find they didn’t follow up on the leads. Or they followed up but couldn’t...

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Practicing build Leadership & Teamwork Skills

Improve sales through teamwork

  We need to improve sales. One of our sales guys has a habit of not following through with customers. He does a great job opening doors. But he’s terrible at going back to ask for repeat business or referrals....

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