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We know the way.

Getting new sales people off the ground

“Know that it takes a year to get someone started in sales without a pipeline. We can’t afford to take that much of a hit on getting a sales person starting up from scratch. Could pay more for the sales person the first year than what they can bring in, if they don’t come in…
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Realizing predictable gold from the marketing pipeline

“We have a list of companies we’ve called on, which we call our prospect pipeline. It helps us keep track of how things are going in marketing and sales, sort of. But I don’t know how to predict what those accounts we’re reaching out to are going to turn into. So I have no way…
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Filling the Pipeline

Hoping for big growth in sales this year. But it has to be more than a wish and a hope. Know we should do more pipeline management. Any suggestions on how to make this year successful? Thoughts of the Day: Think of buckets of activity, tipping from one stage into the next. Define your pipeline,…
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