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Getting Social Media Payoff

As a small business, I can’t afford to waste money on chasing a social media payoff. What we’re spending seems wildly disproportionate to what we’re getting. How can I manage social media and the vendors I work with? Thoughts of...

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Our Company's Future Voice

Address Online Customer Reviews Sincerely

  Our online customer reviews are suffering. What can we do? Thoughts of the Day: Excellent customer reviews have real value. Put someone who knows what they’re doing in charge, and then make sure they do their homework. Keep your...

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Communicate Efficientlyclearly Build marketing discipline work

Build Marketing Discipline

Marketing discipline gets pushed off in favor of proposals and immediate needs. We find it difficult to be consistent with marketing maintenance activities. Case studies, website updates, and social media. We could be getting more out of our efforts, but...

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Social Media – Why Bother

My marketing advisor is pushing me to do more with social media, as a tool to market my company. I just don't know how effective it would be, and I'm concerned about the amount of time I'd have to put...

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