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Effective Leadership Letting Others Step Up

Building Tomorrow’s Leadership Team

We need to build tomorrow's leadership team to drive this company forward. Our management team needs to understand that to drive performance. Employees look to me for direction. It all sits on my shoulders. I’m at fault for the way...

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Am I spread too thin in my business?

Stuck in Day-to-Day Operations

Ask Andi: I’m stuck in day-to-day operations. My job as an owner is to focus on building the business. But there are so many things that need to get done. And the people around me can’t do it all. How...

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Business Partners keep track of contacts

Before Partnering, Do Your Due Diligence

Ask Andi: We are thinking about joining forces with another firm. Cultural differences could be the biggest problem. What can we do to make this work? Thoughts of the Day: Due diligence is a process of detailed investigation. Mergers are...

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Out of Business too many leaders

Too Many Leaders in Charge

Ask Andi: We have too many leaders. Unfortunately, there’s confusion as to who should do what. We duplicate efforts. That keeps turning into work hours we can’t invoice. That’s costing me both revenue and profit. Thoughts of the Day: Too...

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