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Getting the job done

We recently had one of our managers out for training. When he was away and no one was around to watch how things were going, a couple guys thought they could slack off. How do we get folks to understand that it’s about getting the work done, that’s their job?

Thoughts of the Day: Using time wisely is something that some people have learned how to do while others have not. Set goals to focus intention on the right objectives. Speak honestly about what’s expected, and whether those expectations are met, or not. Make sure the work has a purpose. Team up the less productive people with the most productive staff, so they can benchmark their performance and pace.

When Things are Quiet, Focus

I had told my operations manager to gear up production to match sales projections. Except now sales are coming in slower than expected.  I don’t want to lose profits keeping operations over-capacity while I wait for sales to catch…

Gearing Up for Increased Sales

We couldn’t complete all of our projects in time to invoice the customers last month. If larger projects come in, we don’t have the bandwidth to handle a big increase. We need to be able to say, “Bring it…

Going Overboard with Overtime

What’s the right amount of overtime? Just spent the weekend looking at costs and found that we are spending $3,500 – $4,000 / week in overtime. Seems like it’s becoming a habit for everyone here, one that’s costing me…