Buy / Sell Advisory

Work with a team that has carefully guided buyers and sellers to successful completion of a deal

Includes determining the right targets for buyers or sellers, crafting the right deal, forming the right advisory team, managing all parties to a successful conclusion.
Long before it’s time to transact a sale, you need to know what to do to build business value. You want a clear understanding of what drives business worth. To do it right, you need a fast, technically accurate business analysis process.

On the buy side

Incorporate the words: mergers and acquisitions, for business owners who are interested in selling or buying a small business, growth through acquisition is a great way to get over the hump of a stalled sales situation, get into a new market, expand geographically – and a strategy that most business owners looking to grow don’t use enough

On the sell side

It can be rough working your way through the financial and emotional challenges of selling your business. Don’t go it alone. From figuring out who might recognize the value inherent in your business, to determining your involvement post-sale, and everything in-between, have a trusted advisor to stand by your side.

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