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Center for Entrepreneurial Success

We know the way.

Center for Entrepreneurial Success


Join a group of business owners who have made the commitment to work ON their businesses. Learn what you need to know to safely grow your business.


Acquire the tools of a well-run business including: Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Leadership.


Build an action list that helps you stay on point with your top priorities.

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Learn to Achieve Your Business Goals

In CES you will learn to get what you want, as you create written plans that define your exact goals, use the resources you have to achieve your goals, and shift from working “in” to working “on” the business.


Owners of established, privately held businesses, typically with 1 – 10 employees and $50,000 – $1,000,000 in annual revenue, who are determined to get to the next level.


Regularly at the Strategy Leaders Office: 25 Crescent Street, Stamford, CT 06906.


Your investment in this program is $500 per month.

What results can be expected from participating in the CES program?

The Strategy Leaders model has been carefully developed and tested over the past decade, through work with owners of privately held businesses. Results are consistent and measurable. Typical results for clients of the Strategy Leaders’ consulting model include:

30% – 50% revenue growth; 50% -120% profit growth
On track to double the business
The business becomes more stable, predictable, and easier to manage

Subjects Covered

We cover the six main areas it takes to grow and sustain a business.


A business is like a complex puzzle. It’s challenging to figure out how to get the most out of every part of the business. Keeping on track, growing a stronger base – that’s the real test for any owner.

In CES you will learn to build your:
o Financial blueprint as a practical, working model, for getting what you want
o Set of financial rules that can be used to make and keep, your business safe
o Development plan to deliver positive cash flow and higher profits


Waste precious resources and there goes the profit. If operations are unplanned, glitchy, or crisis driven, your business can stand still or go backwards. When operations are well-planned, your company can move to the next level.

CES helps you to make operations predictable and profitable by focusing on:
o Customer satisfaction, QC, process maps, productivity and cost management
o Coordinated resources and accurate delivery systems
o Availability of people, raw materials, finished goods or services


Who prizes what you do, willingly pays for what you offer, encourages you to do more? Build a game plan that works, so the business thrives.

CES helps you answer critical questions that lead to profitable growth:
o How much business do you need, and where are you going to get it from
o How do you get the best clients, at the right price, and wean away the worst
o What role do strategy and tactics play, when it comes to growing sales


Many entrepreneurial businesses are hazy about the difference between marketing and sales; the next level lies just out of reach. As your business becomes better known, it earns greater respect, sells faster, and earns more profit.

With CES tools turn marketing into your business’ best advantage:
o Branding, value proposition, pricing, targeting and pay-off ratios – tools to grow
o A variety of efforts, a balanced approach – build a specific guerilla marketing plan
o New offers / Old offers, new clients / Old clients – find out where the profit lies

Human Resources

Many owners feel alone when leading and managing people. They may feel it all lands on their shoulders. Get people in the right jobs, with the right skills, working in the right structure and the business thrives.

CES helps you build a thriving organization where the load and burdens are shared:
o Find and keep people who understand productivity and deliver profit
o Build teams that know how to own problems, work towards solutions
o Set up goals, job descriptions and standards of performance that work


Most business owners work harder than they have to, make less than they can and leave a lot on the table when they exit. Develop leadership skills to help you successfully accomplish your business goals.

In CES you will learn to get what you want, as you create written plans that:
o Define your exact goals
o Use the resources you have to achieve your goals
o Shift from working “in” to working “on” the business

Classes meet regularly at the Strategy Leaders Office          
25 Crescent Street, Stamford, CT 06906.