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Exit Strategy Planning

We know the way.

What is exit planning?

Oftentimes, we meet business owners who live for the excitement of building their business. We love this enthusiasm, it’s what propels our clients to be successful business builders, and successful in our program. It’s not enough to just build a successful company, you also have to have an exit strategy plan.

Exit planning strategy is how business owners work through preparing the company for optimal exit value when they’re ready to transfer ownership. The ultimate goal is for the business to have the tools to function without the owner.


Maximize the Value of Your Business

A company exit plan will help ensure that business value is maximized at time of exit. Business owners work really hard in their business. Many times, when it comes time to reap the rewards, too much is left on the table. With exit planning strategies in place, the business is kept heading in the right direction. If an owner is unable to keep the business going, not having an exit strategy may result in weak decision-making by those unprepared to take care of it, or the business getting stuck without clear direction.

We work closely with our clients to develop an exit strategy plan that is right for them and their company. As a family-owned business ourselves, with many clients who are also family-owned, we are well versed in a generational transfer. Strategy Leaders helps clients build a family succession plan that encourages the next generation of owners to join in on our strategic planning sessions.

Most Business Owners

Work harder than they have to

Make less than they can

Leave a lot on the table when they exit

Some business owners have learned how to get a very different outcome

Long-term growth



Peace of mind

Next Step? Invest a little time, explore the next level for your business.

Without an exit planning strategy, regardless of the amount of time, money and effort invested, the business delivers less than it can. With an exit strategy, business owners get more of what they want.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We’ve learned to make time for what’s important… we’re thinking about long-term issues… we’re creating a process and a habit.

Keith Bell

Bell Heating & Air Conditioning

With Strategy Leaders, we got both an MBA and a coach to educate and guide us through the challenges we faced.”

Strategy Leaders brings such professionalism to every meeting. They don’t waste time and they don’t deal with any nonsense. They’re a pleasure to work with.