Meetings, Reports, and Plans


Meetings – review, analyze, set goals

We know you’re busy. We’ll meet at your office, or work with you by phone and online webinar.

Meetings typically last 2 hours, addressing both the tactical and strategic parts of your business. We provide an education on effective business management practices as we teach you how to build and run a company that grows to 2 – 3 times its current size. We take you through Performance Definitions, designed to strengthen working relationships with employees, customers, and vendors. We use exercises in between meetings to help you put effective business principles

We use exercises in between meetings to help you put effective business principles into use . . . valuable training you can apply in future business dealings. Each month we review Key Drivers, as we analyze the financial results of your business, setting goals to put the business on track to double revenue and triple profit in repetitive cycles. Between meetings, we’ll talk by phone. We use coaching calls to address questions and to help you stay on track.

Reports – a roadmap to follow and check progress

Our work doesn’t stop when the meeting ends. We provide detailed documentation of each meeting, converted into useful action steps lists. Each month we evaluate the six key areas of a well-run company, the Six Sisters, and help you make structured business decisions in Sales, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, and Leadership.

Our reports lead to an increased understanding of what it means to have the company perform at optimal level . . . and what it’s going to take to get there. Reports help foster higher quality relationships between you, your employees and others who support your company. Reports give you a roadmap to follow and a way to check on your progress throughout the program.

Plans – a proven blueprint for success

When working with a company we move from the tactical to the strategic level. We build a series of customized plans that take your company to YOUR next level, one step at a time. Our plans document, prioritize and track exactly what needs to happen in order to move a company forward in the Six Sisters of a well-run business. With each client, we develop:

  • 1-Year Plan
  • Consolidated 3-Year Plan
  • Long-Term Plan
  • Exit Strategy

Within every plan, there are measurement standards and action steps that help both of us to monitor and assess progress. Strategy Leaders plans are a proven blueprint for success. Follow them and build a better future.