PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator

Introducing the Strategy Leaders PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator. Get a fast picture of how things might play out, taking into account the variables most PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculators – things that could cost you a lot of opportunity, and might jeopardize your business if you get it wrong.

Who is this for?

Small business owners who have applied for, been approved, and may have already received PPP Loan funding. You’re looking to maximize your PPP Loan, and get the maximum PPP Loan Forgiveness, but it’s not going to be simple to get what you want. There are a lot of rules and guidelines to adhere to. Our PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator can help you plan out how to effectively and compliantly use your PPP funding.

About the PPP

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was created to give forgivable loans to small businesses to cover payroll expenses, plus some approved overhead costs in order to keep the workforce employed, and help companies recover some of the costs of keeping employees with overall reduced revenue.

There are other calculators out there.

There are a lot of rules for the PPP that most of the calculators missed. That means that you could be making some big mistakes with how you plan to use your PPP funds. There could be serious consequences for you and your small business. Our PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator will help you figure out how to use the funds so you don’t end up with something you weren’t prepared for. You have to remember this isn’t your typical loan or grant program.

Our PPP Loan Calculator is a tool that small business owners can use to zero in on how their PPP Loan will play out, depending on how they spend the money they get. Strategy Leaders is the leading expert in small business consulting and management. We work with the owners of small businesses to teach the crucial skills to build and protect their largest asset – their business!

PPP Loans may be either partially or fully forgiven based on how well borrowers are able and willing to comply with the terms of the loan. In order to maximize forgiveness, companies will need to understand and adhere to the PPP forgiveness rules. You could end up owing money when the PPP loan repayment is due if you use the loan funds for anything other than what is approved in the documentation.

Don’t leave your PPP Loan forgiveness up to chance. Our PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator will put the power of data in your hands, so you can stay as compliant as possible!

Our clients and advisor partners are loving the PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator.

“You had to get organized to apply for this loan. Now you have to get organized and act fast to make good use of it. This PPP Program can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot of decisions I need to make and a bunch of actions I have to take right now.”

“Wow.  Your advice really worked.  My landlord said I don’t need to pay May rent.  Not even at end of lease.  Just skip a month.  Also, my EIDL $8000 free money came in this week.  I am in the process of negotiating reductions in my liability and malpractice insurance.  Thanks for the great advice!”

This PPP Forgiveness Estimator model is really cool. And you need to be running it now! Not when it’s 7 days before your 8 week window closes. You don’t want someone telling you what you should have done. You want to work on what you need to be doing to prepare for forgiveness. The lender has great discretion, there won’t be enough bandwidth at the SBA to certify and quality assure the loan, so get ready for the reconciliation with your bank. This model can help you do that. You have to be careful you don’t turn a grant into a term loan, or if you do, that you get the best bang for your buck in the process. This model can help you figure that out.


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