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Our PPP Forgiveness Calculator takes the calculations all the way from an overall spending plan and drills down into how to maximize your loan forgiveness. We’ll also advise you of any adjustments you may want to consider. As the legislation changes, we will make adjustments to our system and resend the reports to reflect any changes.

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Strategy Leaders PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator.

We’re using the profits raised from the PPP Forgiveness Calculator to give back to our local community – help us raise money for the local food bank!
Get a clear picture of how your PPP loan usage and forgiveness could play out. We take into account the most important variables in determining how much of your PPP Loan may be forgivable and update our reporting as the legislation changes so that you don’t have to be on top of every change.

This tool is ideal for business owners who have applied for, been approved, and may have already received PPP Loan funding who are looking to maximize their PPP Loan, and get the maximum PPP Loan Forgiveness. We can tailor the reporting to support all types of small business entities including corporations, LLCs, sole-proprietorships, and not-for-profits. There are a lot of rules and guidelines that need to be followed for businesses to receive maximum loan forgiveness – and the rules are changing on a weekly basis! Use this calculator to maximize the forgiveness allowed under your PPP loan by estimating how much of your PPP loan may be eligible for forgiveness.

Business owners need to have a good handle on what can happen with their PPP Loan, and the best plan of attack for spending the loan. We can help you calculate this spend by employee, and advise you on best practices, when and how to allocate funds, and any adjustments that need to be made.
About the PPP

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): Created to give forgivable loans to small businesses to cover certain payroll expenses, plus some overhead costs in order to keep the workforce employed and to help companies recover some of the costs of keeping employees with overall reduced revenue. This isn’t your typical loan or grant program. In order to maximize forgiveness, companies will need to understand and adhere to the PPP forgiveness rules.

This forgiveness calculator can help you as the business owner figure out how to use the funds correctly to achieve maximum forgiveness. We built this tool for our clients to help them zero in on how their PPP Loan may play out, depending on how they spend the money they get. And now we’re bringing this invaluable report to small business owners across the country. If you don’t want to leave your PPP Loan forgiveness up to chance, Our PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator will put the power of data in your hands, to maximize the benefit of your PPP loan dollars!

Our clients and advisor partners are loving the PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator.

“You had to get organized to apply for this loan. Now you have to get organized and act fast to make good use of it. This PPP Program can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot of decisions I need to make and a bunch of actions I have to take right now.”

“Wow.  Your advice really worked.  My landlord said I don’t need to pay May rent.  Not even at end of lease.  Just skip a month.  Also, my EIDL $8000 free money came in this week.  I am in the process of negotiating reductions in my liability and malpractice insurance.  Thanks for the great advice!”

“This model can help you do that. You have to be careful you don’t turn a grant into a term loan, or if you do, that you get the best bang for your buck in the process. This model can help you figure that out.

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