Strategy Leaders

Strategy Leaders is a business consulting company based in Westchester, NY. Our business consultants show small businesses and entrepreneurs how to put better business management strategies into practice as we teach business owners how to maximize business growth.

What is business consulting?

Business consulting is about guidance, leadership training and education for business that covers concepts common to all businesses but that’s customized to yours. It’s about ideas for small businesses and the dialogue we establish between you and our experts. It’s about the invitation to become a member of an ever growing business community and network of Strategy Leaders clients.

Our Business Consulting Services Include:

  • business plans
  • strategic business planning
  • small business development
  • business exit planning
  • family business development
  • business leadership training
  • business to business training
  • small business ideas
  • running a small business

As a successful business owner,
You've beaten long odds.

Talent, dedication, passion and
plenty of hard work have
brought you far.

But running a business, and
a business, are two
totally different skill sets.

Isn't it time for you to learn how to
take your business
to the next level?

Dear visitor,

At Strategy Leaders, we are passionate about teaching business owners how to get to the next level.

Our proven formula helps
business owners set goals
and attain them.

We work with our clients to figure out
what's holding them back, and
teach them what they need to
know to move forward.

We say "proven" because
we have an impressive
track record: Our clients
are typically getting
30 - 50%
more revenue and
more profit.

To find out if we can do the same for you, let's talk.

The First Step: we introduce ourselves.

When you call, we will:

  • answer your questions about how we work
  • start an absolutely free diagnostic process to help us both decide if we should continue
  • talk with you about the next level, and what that might mean for your business.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, pick up the phone today: Strategy Leaders: 877-238-3535.

Take a look through our website, and think about what the next level could mean for your business, in terms of growth, profit, predictability, stability and peace of mind.


Andi Gray, President
Strategy Leaders