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Client Testimonials

In working with Strategy Leaders, our company matured, we instituted reporting systems that didn’t cut into creativity. Since graduating the program, we our team has a new attitude of success, and we are more secure financially.

Joseph Malcarne – full service general contractor and home builders in the Hudson Valley

Presdident, Malcarne Contracting, Staatsburg, NY

I was thrilled with the program all the way through. Flowery graduated the Strategy Leaders program miles ahead from where we started.

Geoff Geils

Former Owner, Flowery Beauty Supply, Danbury, CT

Strategy Leaders is a business consultancy firm that we have had the good fortune to have worked with over the past 5 years. Andi and her team has been instrumental in getting us to the “next level” by assisting myself as an owner and our staff here at E-Rate Online implement the plans and processes to operate a structured business. She is your path to a mini-MBA in small business ownership. After 10 years as a regional business, we saw an opportunity to expand nationally. We needed a helping hand to go through that process and began researching consultants. Strategy Leaders’ references were exceptional and they were a natural match for us. Hiring Strategy Leaders is the best money I’ve ever spent on the business, bar none. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Dave Cornett – E-Rate Management Professionals in Orange, CT

President, E-Rate On-Line - Orange, CT

With Strategy Leaders we’ve learned to make time for what’s important. Andi and her team got us to look at the whole picture. We’re thinking about long-term issues and we’re creating a process and building habits.

Keith Bell – HVAC company located in Mahopac NY

Bell Heating & Air Conditioning

The Strategy Leaders program is a very cost effective way to get your strategy on paper and execute the plan. Not to mention the entire team is great, Andi is great and there were just so many benefits with my relationship with Strategy Leaders. We were not killing ourselves to pay for this program, it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it. Going through this process and answering tough questions forced me to realize all the good things we could do with the right guidance. It really sold me on the process and it seemed like a program where I can graduate and swim on my own, Strategy Leaders wasn’t just taking my money.

Bill Pote – 2nd Generation Manufacturing Company


If you really want to learn how to run a business you need someone like Andi and the Strategy Leaders team. I spent “x” amount of dollars and it was cheaper than going to college that is more specific in my industry and community. The Strategy Leaders program was a complete success, long term I still meet with Andi, and still look at the financial dashboard. We speak 6-8 times a year, we’re working on a a new long term plan. There are more opportunities now compare from 5 Years ago, need a new plan to move forward.

Jason Gordon – Landscaping Client

Total Turf and Landscape

Strategy Leaders came in and taught us how to successfully run a business. We talked about goals and our futures. Without them [Strategy Leaders] I don’t know where I would be. It is just an absolute must and I recommend them to anyone. Because of them I am able to have a future and home! We learned a lot from Robyn in regards to marketing. It takes time to market successfully, it took me over 2 years to figure it out and I tried everything. Robyn was always there to help with any opportunity and question I had. And we would go to events together to network and market, Robyn was always there day and night.

Bill Bonomo – Family business in Fairfield County

Cannondale Generators

Honestly, it was quite a leap of faith for us but the honest nature of Strategy Leaders’ approach to business consulting sealed the deal for us. We were promised no magic pills, just a methodology that could work. The program became part of their business routine – so it got easier and easier to stick to the plan and as the Strategy Leaders team got more knowledgeable about our business, our conversations became more efficient. I think seeing the incremental changes over time and how they affect the financial health of the company and our work-life balance… the Strategy Leaders team will show you the way but it will still be up to you to push through the mental barriers that come with real change

Sami Elotmani – Florida based luxury transportation family run business

Destination MCO - Florida

Before working with Strategy Leaders we never thought of a 5 year plan, we worked one day at a time. When Andi talked about all these concepts, having a 5 year plan for the business… WOW! Strategy Leaders  introduced topics to us that we had never considered. We didn’t realize how important a focus on growth was but as Andi mentioned companies either grow or die. The strategy Leaders team has been a great support and educator for us through the years.

Bob Roth – planning, engineering, landscape architecture and land surveying firm

Partner, JMC Consulting Engineers, Westchester NY

Our company hired Strategy Leaders to guide us on a strategic planning program and a road map to improve total results for our companies. We went to the first meeting unsure if this would be the right fit and quickly learned the great possibilities. Andi helped us discover a new way to think & look at our businesses. Feedback from previous clients was all rave reviews. Strategy Leaders is the best thing that has happened to us in our business.  The things we have been able to change and redirect – we all feel recommitted, and excited. The communication between the partners has improved so much! We have a ways to go with hurdles still, but having Strategy Leaders in our corner is huge. Just want to say you are appreciated! We are “all in” and are excited about our journey. If you feel your business wants to grow and you desire expert help then I would say Strategy Leaders could be the right partner. For sure make the call!

Kim Garner – Luxury passenger transportation and chauffeured services, family business

Owner, Best Transportation, St. Louis MO

Years after working with Strategy Leaders we are still doing well. A lot of that goes to the work you did with us. The way we operate now is attributed to habits we built with Strategy Leaders – how we meet, and looking at the numbers. When I think of who can help me, Strategy Leaders is the first one that comes to mind.

Gavin Markiet – family owned and operated dental supply wholesale company

Owner, Cargus International, Nyack NY

With Strategy Leaders I learned more and know what direction my company is headed. Business operations and day to day management was always my forte. I used to not know what my role should be as the owner. I would go into the office and help by putting stamps on envelopes. I was working in the day to day, and I didn’t know where I was needed. I didn’t know what was going on in finance, sales, marketing or where the company was going.

Angelica Feurer – 2nd generation learning platform for nursing schools and NCLEX prep

Owner, Feuer Nursing Review, New York NY

Andi Gray is one of the brightest and most business savvy people I know. Strategy Leaders is my business conscience and road map for growth. If we set goals for growth, better procedures, profitability, etc., they hold my feet to the fire where normally there isn’t anyone else in my life that could do that. Highly recommended! Talk with her about where you are and work out a strategy. She will give you options. It is worth every penny.

Michael LeBlanc – leading provider of telephone and computer network equipment, software, and services in CT and NY

President, LeBlanc Communications, Ridgefield CT

I learned more about business with Strategy Leaders in the first year than I’ve learned in all the previous years of my life. It’s good to learn from someone who’s unemotionally involved with the business, someone who can advocate for the business.

Philip Shoenberg – premier property management services company

Partner, Stillman Property Management, Harrison NY

The handle on our financial situation is worlds better than it was prior to working with Strategy Leaders. We’re an investment advisory company; in this bear market, we could have really slipped behind. I’m certain that if we had not worked with Strategy Leaders we wouldn’t be in nearly as good a position as we are in now. Our relationship with Strategy Leaders has been invaluable. We’re doing the things I always heard companies should do, but I never understood why or how. We’re good salespeople, we’re creative, but we just didn’t know how to run a company. [Hiring Strategy Leaders] is absolutely dollars well spent. Here’s how Strategy Leaders is unique: Other consultants gave me what they thought I was looking for; Strategy Leaders gives me what they know I need… whether I like it or not. They’re no nonsense: You’re either serious about doing what you need to do to succeed, or they’re simply not going to waste their time. That’s helpful. That’s meaningful. When I look back at the list of things we wanted to implement before hiring Strategy Leaders, and now seeing how many of them we’ve accomplished… I know we wouldn’t be nearly as far along – or perhaps wouldn’t have moved along at all! – without their leadership.

Bob Harclerode – personalized financial and investment planning

Stonebridge Capital Management, Paramus NJ

Our experience with Strategy Leaders has been fantastic. In the first six months, we had already made tremendous progress. We hired Strategy Leaders because we were ready to get to the next level as a company. They laid out their program at the perfect pace: not too fast; not too slow. Strategy Leaders gives us a ton of insight, a lot of knowledge we just didn’t have. It’s a whole different way of looking at things. Our progress with Strategy Leaders has been tremendous. They lay out real strategies to solve problems. I’m very confident we’ll achieve our company goals with the help of Strategy Leaders.

Richie D’Errico – family owned and operated jewelry design consultants

Owner, D'Errico Jewelers, multiple locations in Westchester County NY

As an organization that is dedicated to the care and nurturing of a woman’s entrepreneurial spirit, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the strong messages of empowerment and business wisdom that Andi Gray and her team have imparted to our members.

Jamie Imperati – Professional Women of Westchester


Strategy Leaders taught us how to do it right. We’ve more than doubled sales. We have money in the bank – enough to survive any downturn. Last year we bought our second house in Hawaii. I’ve already taken a month off this year without anyone here having any difficulties. And we’re about to head out for a month of vacation in our new dream retirement. Lastly, we’re getting ready to sell the business and I’m pleased at the value I’m finding as we consider our options – whether we sell to our employees or someone else in the industry. We have a valuable business. Thank you!

Jim Dowiat – HVAC Design Engineering

Principal, ARBPE, Chappaqua, NY

Strategy Leaders greatly contributed to my evolution as a business person. I learned a few key lessons. First, I have a varied interest in all aspects of the business world. That’s what attracted me to start my own business in the first place. Second, I tended to overly focus on one aspect at a time. I worried more than I needed to about whether the end product was good enough. I needed to learn to trust my own team and delegate vs taking a belt & suspenders approach. I spent too much time and energy in operations and not enough in others. I became a bottle-neck in my own company. Even though our time together was limited, the Strategy Leaders process made it clear to me what was needed to grow the business and make it scalable, sustainable, and profitable to the degree I desired. Strategy Leaders helped me take an objective look at myself and how I operate within the business environment.

Paul Fitzpatrick – Entrepreneur

Former Owner, Crossroads Signs, Danbury CT

I wouldn’t even think of doing an acquisition without getting Strategy Leaders involved. The Owners Value Report (valuations) are very helpful for determining what’s realistic to pay when buying another business. And their advice about what does and doesn’t make a good deal is invaluable.

Tony Mehdiof – luxury ground transportation company

President, North Point Global Transportation, Atlanta GA

Strategy Leaders is absolutely awesome! Not only are they helping me with my company growth, but they are helping me with my personal growth as well. I highly recommend using their services! Thanks, Strategy Leaders!

Briana Candeub – Luxury ground transportation company, family owned and operated

Vice President, Park Avenue Limousine, Philadelphia, PA

Strategy Leaders has been the best platform for learning and helping our company get to the next level. The information I’ve learned in our group is invaluable. We share ideas, business and industry trends, and experiences with companies who have the same issues and goals in mind can only make us stronger and wiser in business strategy and future goals.

Barbara White – luxury ground transportation company

Owner, VIP Transportation, Celebration FL

I’ve grown up in our family company, and after 30 years, assumed I knew it all. Strategy Leaders is helping me learn so much to be a better, more well rounded business person. As we change generations, our goal is to make our company stronger and build it for the future. The amazing professionals at Strategy Leaders are helping us to get there. Their Owners Value Report and Buy/Sell Advisory services were invaluable in the negotiations to acquire my family business.

Tracy Salinger – 2nd generation, family owned and operated luxury ground transportation company

Owner, Unique Limousine, Harrisburg PA

Strategy Leaders has been instrumental in helping me get a better handle on my business, improving our operations, better understanding our financials, and assisting with developing a long term strategy for continued growth and success. I have never been so pleased with a business consultant. Strategy Leaders is well worth their weight and the investment.

Jorge Sanchez – luxury ground transportation company in Denver

Owner, Hermes Worldwide, Denver CO

I belong to an owner’s benchmarkeing group that Strategy Leaders facilitates. Everything about them is top notch. Their team definitely knows about growing your business and creating a methodology so it can run more efficiently. The value of their education is exceptional. Keep up the great work Strategy Leaders.

Scott Woodruff – luxury ground transportation company, family owned and operated

Owner, Majestic Limousine, Des Moines IA
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Strategy Leader’s well-documented processes produce consistent, high-quality outcomes, well beyond the norm for the consulting industry.


We offer short term, topic-specific programs, and a long-term development curriculum. Work is conducted in small doses over time, which drives and delivers lasting results.


We have an impressive track record: Our clients are typically getting 30 – 50% more revenue and 50-120% more profit.

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