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From early-stage to legacy small to midsize business. We help our clients develop the tools and skills for every stage of business. Bringing peace of mind to businesses owners nationwide for over 25 years.


We work hands on with business owners to get growth, profit, stability, predictability and peace of mind. Being a small business owner is tough – don’t go it alone.

People who find it useful to talk with us are business owners who are serious about getting to the next level.

Our consultants teach the skills, disciplines and practices, and provide the tools that entrepreneurs and their businesses need to succeed for the long haul.

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Strategy Leaders Action Plan For a Successful Business

Business owners who have found value in our services have the following characteristics:

Our Services
  1. Business is owner operated, recognize they don’t have all the answers and know the business has more potential.
  2. Company revenues between $2 – $30 Million, with 5 – 200 employees.
  3. Business goal is one of the following:

    Owner wants to grow a successful business

    Next generation of leadership needs to be taught how to run the business

    Owner is thinking about when and how to get out, or how to grow by acquisition

  4. Business is already good at what it does; owners want to learn how to get good at the game of business



Did you know?

The failure rate for privately held small businesses with under 300 employees is alarmingly high:

  • 50% of small business fail within the first 5 years
  • 3 out of 4 business fail in every 10 year cycle, no matter how many 10 year cycles, they keep failing at that rate.


Why Us?

It’s the mission of Strategy Leaders to reverse the tide of small business failure. we believe in the the old adage of teach a person to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime.

Our mission is to change the outcomes of privately held businesses. Instead of 3 out of 4 businesses failing in every 10 year cycle, we’re working to see 3 out of 4 businesses succeeding in every 10 year cycle.

  • Double revenue, triple profit in repetitive 4-7 year cycles
  • Owner shifts from day to day focus to working ON the business instead of IN
  • Written and executable plans to make sure the business stays on track, grows, and remains profitable and accountable




Client Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it:

I have been working with Strategy Leaders since 2016. I am the second generation owner of a family business and I personally have no formal business education. Strategy Leaders has been instruental in both coaching me into what are the right levers to pull to drive our business forward and providing external feedback on strategic decisions. In the past 4 years we have rapidly grown our business in a sustainable fashion due to the guidance and road map laid out by the Strategy Leaders team. Their approach has helped me chart or company growth across all functional areas while maintaining watch over company financials to provide for growth on both the top and bottom lines.

Andi is the principal of Strategy Leaders which is a business consultancy firm that we have had the good fortune to have worked with over the past 5+ years. Andi and her team has been instrumental in getting us to the “next level” by assisting myself as an owner and our staff here at ERO implement the plans and processes to operate a structured business. She is your path to a mini-MBA in small business ownership.