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Business Valuation Services

We know the way.

Wondering What Your Business is Worth?

You’re not alone. It’s estimated that most business owners don’t know their business worth, but wish they did. That’s where we come in!

Long before it’s time to transact a sale, you need to know what to do to build business value. You want a clear understanding of what drives business worth. To do it right, you need a fast, technically accurate business analysis process.

How Can We Help?

The Owners Value Report doesn’t just provide a number. As a business owner you also want an education to understand what that number really means, and guidance on how things work when it comes time to cut a deal, and how that number can be used to plan for the future of the business. 

Preparing to sell their business or acquire another business

Adding or reducing shareholders

Working on a plan for retirement

Negotiating for equity financing

Attracting and retaining talent with stock participation

As the time of a transaction approaches, you need a realistic foundation from which to negotiate.

We’ll walk you through how to handle the answers to critical negotiating questions.

“What’s the difference between the asset, equity, enterprise and liquidation values, and which is the best option to pursue?”

“What key performance indicators contribute the most value and which ones need fixing?”

“What can I do next to optimize the future value of the business?”


Not all Business Valuation Companies are the same.

Most business owners need a frame of reference, not an official appraisal. If you’re like most small business owners, you want a business valuation report that is detailed, informative and educational, prepared for a reasonable price in a short amount of time, with a minimum of confusion. Up to now, that combination has been pretty hard to find.

The Owners Value Report

The Strategy Leaders Owners Value Report, OVR, delivers 20+ pages of easy-to-read charts, with explanations in plain English, no buzz words or consultant speak. The OVR uses a valuation engine and cloud based application that allows us to provide an accurately estimated valuation of your business. Our focus is to provide a proprietary but real-world oriented valuation approach for small to mid-sized business.

Strategy Leaders’ OVR process uses historical data to deliver summary of historical data, explains various approaches to valuing any company, yields 4 different value estimates for your company, and tells you when to use which value.

Our team of privately-held business specialists will walk you through key performance indicators, looking at growth trends, and useful ratios to measure profitability, return on equity, cash flow, inventory and fixed assets, and banking; showing how your business compares to peers and standards for your industry. The valuation report can be easily updated anytime as new information becomes available.


The value & analysis Are sophisticated and essential.

Want to see a sample report? Just ask us! We’ll be glad to walk you through it.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We were hitting the wall with our business. We wanted to really know where we were going. We needed to define what we wanted, what direction we wanted to head in. That’s when we started working with Strategy Leaders.”

Working with Strategy Leaders has changed the way we run our company. It has changed the way we make decisions. And we are closer to realizing our dream because of their work with us.”

Ready to Get Started?

Once we get you a confidentiality agreement, you send us three years of tax returns, three years of Income Statements and Balance Sheets. You’ll answer ten straightforward questions about your business. Within a few days, once you get us all the data, you’ll have your results. Best of all, you’ll get to review the business valuation report with an expert. Your questions can be answered and we’ll provide suggestions about what to work on next to boost value and return.