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Small Business Valuation Services

Many business owners struggle with planning for the future

Because there are so many unknowns. A business valuation can be a great tool to help you understand where your business stands now and how to move it forward strategically.

Most business owners’ business is their most valuable asset, other than their home. And yet few business owners know realistically what their business is worth. Most owners also lack a clear understanding of how to increase business value systematically. After all, it’s tough to compare the value of one business to another. Getting a business valuation is the best way to assess where your business is now, determine the strength of your overall assets, and how to steer the boat to a more valuable company down the road.


We specialize in helping business owners achieve business goals

(and ultimately) personal financial goals – a focus and passion we have held for over 25 years.

We have found that many small business owners struggle with planning for the future because they face many unknowns. They don’t know how much their business is worth or when they should sell it. Finding the right buyer or getting a fair price is also a big concern. How much insurance they should carry in the business is also an unknown. We give business owners data-based facts and advice from years of experience so they can make sound business and personal decisions. That’s why we have invested in innovative technology that allows us to deliver accurate and efficient business valuations at a fraction of traditional valuations. Understanding the value of your business, your largest asset, can help us guide you and assist you with a range of things, including Exit Planning, Strategic Business Planning, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

There’s a broad range of pricing and quality of valuations, leaving a business owner questioning what valuable information is.

Often the result of the valuation varies widely as well – from too granular, only looking at the value of your business using one metric, at one specific point in time, or on the other end of the spectrum – missing substantial input and value.


Small Business Valuation Services

How much do valuations cost? Why the wide range in pricing for valuations?

Valuations vary in price and scope – from accessible sources all the way up to $30,000+. Our valuations start at $3500, depending on the size and needs of the client. Our Owners Value Report is a 30+ page report which gives our clients the value of their business using four distinct and valuable estimates of value in addition to as many as 30 performance-related metrics: Asset Value, Equity Value, Enterprise Value, and Liquidation Value.

Why is the wide range of pricing out in the market? Sometimes it’s the source of motivation – wanting to start a process that leads to doing business together. Perhaps it’s the process itself, or lack thereof. Maybe the accountant doesn’t know how to prepare or evaluate a business valuation. Many brokers have a back-of-the-envelope model that doesn’t rely on standard valuation principles. Trust your accountant to calculate your EBITDA. Trust Strategy Leaders to help business owners understand valuation approaches for different purposes.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting a valuation for your business, we’re happy to talk – at no cost – to assess your needs and see if this is a good fit.




We can help you understand the actual value of your largest asset – your business!


Why do I need a business valuation?



  • If you are a business owner planning to retire from the business someday, the quality of your retirement depends to a large extent on the value of your business.
  • You have worked hard to build this saleable asset. Knowing what people will pay for it and why is crucial. Make good use of the time and resources you have to put towards building it. Why waste effort or energy making costly mistakes? Know how the rules of the game get applied to maximize success.
  • The difference between maximizing return and achieving mediocre results comes from the basics. Knowing your annual progress, Boosting the business’ value comes down to knowing your yearly progress.


  • If you’re planning to buy a business, get the best deal. If you plan to increase the scale or scope of your business through acquisition, be ready to negotiate. You want to minimize wasted search effort by being able to hone in on opportunities that are correctly priced. Focus your time on the essentials: negotiating with a seller who understands his business’ correct value and working on a deal that has already proven it can fit your requirements. Find out what upside opportunity exists for improving performance. Don’t get lost in pressure tactics and flimsy documentation.