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Many business owners struggle with planning for the future due to the numerous unknowns they face. A business valuation can be crucial in understanding your business’s current worth and strategizing its future growth.

Your business is likely your most valuable asset, possibly even more helpful than your home. Despite this, many owners lack a realistic understanding of their business’s worth and how to increase its value systematically. Comparing the value of different businesses can be challenging. A professional business valuation is the best way to assess your current position, understand the strength of your assets, and chart a course for increasing your business’s value in the future.

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For over 25 years, we have been dedicated to helping owners achieve their business and personal financial goals. Our extensive experience and innovative technology enable us to provide accurate and efficient business valuations at a fraction of the traditional cost.

We understand that many small business owners face uncertainty about their business’s worth and the right time to sell. Concerns about finding the right buyer, getting a fair price, and determining appropriate insurance levels are expected. We provide data-driven insights and advice to help you make informed decisions. Our valuations support various needs, including Exit Planning, Strategic Business Planning, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

A business valuation can be a great tool to help you understand where your business stands now and how to move it forward strategically.

Comprehensive Valuation Reports

Valuation costs vary widely, from affordable options to services costing over $30,000. Our valuations start at $4,000 and are tailored to each client’s size and needs. Our comprehensive Owners Value Report, a 30+ page document, offers four distinct and valuable estimates of your business’s worth: Asset Value, Equity Value, Enterprise Value, and Liquidation Value. Additionally, it includes up to 30 performance-related metrics.

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How much do valuations cost? Why the wide range in pricing for valuations?

Valuations vary in price and scope—from accessible sources all the way up to $30,000+. Our valuations start at $4000, depending on the size and needs of the client. Our Owners Value Report is a 30+ page report that informs our clients of the value of their business using four distinct and valuable estimates of value in addition to as many as 30 performance-related metrics: Asset Value, Equity Value, Enterprise Value, and Liquidation Value.

Why is there a wide range of pricing in the market? Sometimes, it’s the source of motivation – wanting to start a process that leads to doing business together. Perhaps it’s the process itself, or lack thereof. The accountant may not know how to prepare or evaluate a business valuation. Many brokers have a back-of-the-envelope model that doesn’t rely on standard valuation principles. Trust your accountant to calculate your EBITDA. Trust Strategy Leaders to help business owners understand valuation approaches for different purposes.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting a valuation for your business, we’re happy to talk – at no cost – to assess your needs and see if this is a good fit.

Why do I need a business valuation?

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