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Strategy Leaders Advisors for Buying or Selling a Business

Buy or Sell Business advisors service for the next stage in business

Buyers and sellers often hesitate to take action, finding the subject of buying or selling to be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Whether you are interested in selling your business or buying a business to generate additional revenue – Strategy Leaders buy sell business advisors can help you navigate the waters from start to finish.

What we often hear from business buyers and sellers

Strategy Leaders Advisors for Buying or Selling a Business

What’s the business worth?

  • What might go wrong?
  • How can I protect myself and my business?
  • Is this the right time to pursue a deal?
  • What will I do after I sell my business if I no longer have to work?
  • Will it be overwhelming if I buy another business?
  • If there are multiple owners, how do I know all will agree?
  • What are the transaction steps buyers and sellers complete?
  • Who is responsible for what transactions?
  • What should I expect to spend on advisors?
  • Who should I have on my team? How do I know who to trust?
  • What’s legally correct? What are the tax implications?

These are questions we answer for business buyers and sellers, as they look at how to pursue a purchase or sale transaction with as few glitches and surprises as possible.

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Our clients rely on us for advice and guidance on how to get the deal done right. We know how small businesses work.

Business exit planning is key. We help sellers assess the reality of their situation and then exit with optimum outcomes given that reality.

  • Timing is everything. We work with buyers looking to expand their businesses by purchasing companies that add real value short and long term.
  • Buy a business better. We help buyers identify targets, test values, and negotiate to close the deal.




We can help you to master your business

The negative statistics can be daunting. And much of the lack of success is due to lack of preparation and not knowing what to do.

As we all know, we only get good at things that we do over and over again, as we learn from our mistakes and get smarter over time.  Most business owners only engage in selling a business once or twice in their lifetimes. And the same can be true for buying another business. That’s why, when it comes to buying or selling, business owners who choose to go it alone can run into a lot of delays, misfires, and risk not completing a sale or purchase altogether.

Avoid the pitfalls that go with a lack of business preparedness.

Don’t become a statistic. Ensure your business survives and recovers. Focus on prevention. 

  • After a disaster, 65% of businesses that close either never reopen or fail within a year of trying to reopen
  • 40% of small businesses never get sold, despite the owners’ intentions and best efforts
  • Only 1 in 5 online “for sale” listings reports a closed sale
  • As a business owner, you work hard to build your company. Make sure it is worth what you want and need it to be worth.

Why does this matter?

Baby boomers have held onto their businesses longer than expected, are running out of time to exit profitably, and are facing a widening gap between sellers (too many) and buyers (not enough).

Baby boomers were a large cohort and a significantly entrepreneurial one. The next generation, Gen X is much smaller in size overall and significantly less entrepreneurial, meaning there are fewer potential buyers than needed to snap of all of the Baby Boomer businesses coming onto the market. And the generation after that, Millennials, while larger in size than Gen X, and highly entrepreneurial. Some are just getting to the point where they have the finances and know-how to make value-driven purchases. The business owner thinking of selling needs to be aware of the possible oversupply of companies for sale. Recognize that the most prepared businesses are the ones that will most likely meet their exit goals when they’re ready.

Buying a business has its own set of challenges

There are good deals to be had due to an oversupply of businesses for sale. Yet buying a business comes with many challenges. Many buyers overpay for what they end up getting. Some get caught up in wanting a specific deal to happen. Others place more value on the company than it’s truly worth. A buyer can end up competing with a last-minute entrant after they’ve done all the hard work of defining what makes a good deal. They buy into the seller’s needs, without understanding how best to accomplish those needs while protecting themselves from overpaying. Or, they don’t buy the right asset for what they really need.

Avoid the wasted time and effort that can go with chasing the wrong deal.

As a seller, know what your business is worth. Find the right buyer for your business. Make it through negotiations without getting nickel-and-dimed. Be sure your deal crosses the finish line.

As a buyer, implement a process to qualify opportunities without wasting time. Make sure you have the right team behind you every step of the way. First, find the company you want. Understand how deals get valued. Then, accomplish a seller’s goals without giving away the kitchen sink.

Strategy Leaders Advisors for Buying or Selling a Business