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Strategy Leaders, Inc., is a small business consulting firm in CT and NY, which specializes in helping entrepreneurial companies to grow their business.

Strategy Leaders top business management leader Andi Gray has shared the path to profit and growth with owners of established, privately-held businesses for over 25 years. In 1995, Gray founded Strategy Leaders focusing on the “Six Sisters” of a well-run business: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Leadership.



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Why Us?

At Strategy Leaders, our mission is to reverse the tide of small business failures.

Instead of seeing 2 in 3 small businesses fail within 10 years, it’s our goal at Strategy Leaders to see them succeed. Knowing what causes those small businesses to fail, and how can you prevent being one of them is key. When it comes to managing your business path to profit and growth, think Strategy Leaders. We show you the way to:

  • Double revenue and triple profits in repetitive 4-7 year business cycles
  • Shift day to day focus working ON the business to working IN the business
  • Executable plans which ensure the business stays on track, grow, and remains profitable and accountable
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Meet the Strategy Leaders Executive Team

Andi Gray Strategy Leaders

Andi Gray


Andi Gray’s career started in sales, marketing, and new business development at Xerox, American Express, and Contel.


Robyn Goldenberg Strategy leaders

Robyn Goldenberg


Robyn Goldenberg is the Vice President + Chief Marketing Officer for Strategy Leaders, Inc.


More About Us:

Strategy Leaders Mission

Our Why (Company Mission/Vision)

We work hands-on with business owners to get growth, profit, stability, predictability, and peace of mind.

While we are not for everyone, people who find it useful to talk with us are business owners who are serious about getting to the next level.

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Meet the Team

Strategy Leaders was founded in 1995 by our president, Andi Gray, with the goal of being a business consulting firm unlike any other.

The Strategy Leaders process includes strategic and tactical planning, education, coaching, follow-up, and reporting. The firm is known for installing forecasting and tracking tools, giving owners increased control, and showing them how to turn plans into reality.

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Industries We Serve

We work with clients located all across the United States, in many different industries.

Whether service or manufacturing, wholesale or retail, our clients all have one thing in common. Typically, a business owner who is a ready learner, who knows the business has more potential, and who is ready to reap the rewards of a Stage 2 company.

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Helping our clients succeed… you’re in good company with Strategy Leaders.

These customer testimonials describe how Strategy Leaders help them achieve career goals.



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Strategy Leaders is a business consulting firm with a proud history of working successfully with owners of privately held small businesses. Our focus is getting the right client, at the right time, for the right reason.