The Next Level


The 5 Stages of Business Development

Think of the business as a tent … with the owner as the tent pole. Everything rests on the owner’s shoulders. As the business grows, that tent becomes
harder and harder to hold up.

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Stage 1: Entrepreneurial & Optimistic

What will it take for you to get from “maybe” to “yes”?
95-98% of all businesses start and end in Stage 1, even though the peak rewards for business owners are in Stage 2.

Stage 1 entrepreneurs work harder than they have to, make less than they could, and leave a lot on the table when they exit the business.


  • Know their business could be delivering better results
  • Believe the business could be worth more than it is
  • Say their business is not consistent or focused enough
  • Spend time working in the business, not on the business
  • Feel the business sits entirely on their shoulders
  • Think the business is not as fun or rewarding as it could be

Stage 2: Structured for Growth

This is where real profit happens.

Here, the business becomes a stable, well-run company with long-term goals and steady, profitable growth, supported by well-grounded structures and process.

Stage 3: Financial Capital Infusion

Stage 4: Human Capital Infusion

Stage 5: Resize and Realign