Our Services

Our Services

Privately held, owner operated, small businesses are the engine of opportunity.

We can teach you how to make more while you’re in business. And how to exit more profitably when you’re ready. We do that for every client, that’s our mission.


We can help you to master every area of your business

Our services:


Business Consulting

Business Consulting for small to mid-sized businesses: Plan to Grow System

As the business continues to grow, so does the need for information and skills. Our clients know they don’t have all the answers, and they are are looking for help to get to the next level faster, with fewer mistakes and greater payoff.


Tap into proven strategies to maximize the profit and potential of your business. We marry our clients’ expertise at their industry and operations with what we know how to do: build long-haul, profitable, and thriving companies.


Buy / Sell Advisory

Business Valuation Services

Wondering What Your Business is Worth? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that most business owners don’t know their business worth, but wish they did. Long before it’s time to transact a sale, you need to know what to do to build business value.

Exit Planning

Exit planning includes the who, what, when, why, and how of making sure you get paid for what you’ve built. Your business is an asset. For most owners, it’s the most valuable asset they own. Exit planning is all about realizing that value. Ideally, exit planning, starts the day you open for business. Or anytime after. Hopefully years before you plan to exit.

Buy / Sell Advisory

Long before it’s time to transact a sale, you need to know how to build business value. You want a clear understanding of what drives business worth, and you want experts representing you who can help you maximize value.

For owners looking to grow, buying the right business can bring a great boost. It takes knowing what to buy, how to find it, and how to negotiate a favorable deal that pays for itself.


Consulting for Family Businesses

Developing the Next Generation

Make sure your family understands what owning and running a business is all about. Whether they work in the business or provide support from the sidelines, it’s essential that family members have insight into the challenges and prospects of ownership. Make sure they don’t take the business for granted, or underestimate what it takes to succeed.

Transferring the business to the Next Generation

While employees may have earned a right to something more than a paycheck, that doesn’t mean they’re prepared for the responsibilities of ownership. Find out what it will take to build an ownership program to prepare key employees and up-and-comers for the possibilities and accountabilities of moving up. Done right, sharing ownership with employees can lead to  an exit strategy for an owner looking ahead.


Group Coaching options for small businesses


Owners Forum

Designed as a benefit for current and past clients. Owners Forums are an opportunity to network, share insights, dig into topics and learn about social and economic forces impacting entrepreneurial businesses.

Industry Benchmark Groups

We organize and facilitate industry specific benchmarking groups throughout the country. These quarterly seminars bring together an intimate group of 15-20 business owners and industry leaders to work on various strategic topics including Sales, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and HR, as well as leadership training, and industry-specific best practices. The confidential nature of our meetings ensures that we can provide a group financial dashboard to take a deeper look at industry benchmarking.


Additional Tools and Resources for Business Owners

Financial Dashboards

What is a dashboard? And why should I care? Many small businesses lack budgets, forecasts, spending controls, a solid grasp of what drives gross profit and net profit, or a clear understanding of how the balance sheet impacts cash flow.

KPI Reporting

Think of KPIs as the lab report on how your business is doing. Every business is an experiment – an attempt at success, a chance for failure, and most often, results that land somewhere in between. Lab reports communicate important information about what was tried, how well it worked, and how those results impacted the overall whole. Turning those reports into graphs and charts makes the data even more digestible. Putting commentary on the charts adds to the knowledge base, which can then be used to help the business leverage forward

Owners Game

Calling all business owners – can you sell this company? The Owners Game helps business owners get smarter about running a business, without having to suffer the real-life consequences. It is a team game played with a virtual company, full of challenges, with opportunities for strategic thinking and big picture rewards.

Why do we care about small businesses?

For each business that fails, an average of 4-5 people will be out of a job, and the owner’s retirement may be jeopardized as resources get used up trying to stay in business, and once closed to clean up debts.

The people who run and work in small businesses have names, faces, lives, family, hopes, dreams, and aspirations that are all interrupted when businesses close up. The businesses that underperform represent a lost opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we live.

Changing small business outcomes for the better is what we at Strategy Leaders get out of bed every day to do. It’s our mission, our passion, the most important contribution we feel we can make to our neighbors, our communities, and the businesses we’re excited to be working with.

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