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We know the way.

Growing with Labor Shortages

We’re finding it hard to take in more work at the moment. With the labor shortages, and unemployment so low, we are short on staff needed to produce the work. We’re finding it hard to find enough people who are interested or qualified to work for us. How do we keep growing if this is…
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Family Owned Business: Set Company Culture

We’re a family-owned small business with a history of saying we’re family oriented with all of our employees. But we’re having trouble explaining what that means to our employees and potential new hires. Thoughts of the Day: Smart companies pay a lot of attention to culture and fit. Family owned businesses can mean different things…
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Create Tailored Job Descriptions – A How To

We’re wrestling with how to specifically tailor job descriptions to each individual, so we’ll know exactly what we would want people to handle. Feels like a lot of work. Want people to accept and embrace the results. Want to be as clear as possible about what’s expected. Thoughts of the Day: Create a map of…
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Businessperson Looking At Vacant Chairs Through Magnifying Glass

Afraid to hire new employees, that’s how owners get stuck

I’m afraid to hire new employees, only to lay them off… I’m definitely working more than I should be… I’m sure you’ve been in the same place. Ugh! Thoughts? Thoughts of the Day: Read your note with concern – this is how business owners get stuck. Decide how much future hiring will be driven by…
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Clearing the air with an employee

Don’t think this employee is a long term player. Thinking more along the lines of how much can I get out of the situation short term. How do I find out if I’m on target? Thoughts of the Day: Clear the air with an employee; do what’s uncomfortable: make your concerns known. Figure out how to…
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