Industry Benchmark Group

Strategic Benchmarking: Industry Focused Groups

We organize and facilitate industry-specific benchmarking groups throughout the country. These quarterly seminars bring together an intimate group of 15-20 business owners and industry leaders. Together, we explore strategic topics in depth, including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, and Leadership training.

The confidential nature of our meetings ensures that we can provide a group financial dashboard to take a deeper look at industry metrics and practices. Comparing them with industry peers, we can begin to understand how and where a company needs to change in order to improve performance.

Stay ahead of the competition. Benchmark. Analyze. Optimize.

Unlike other CEO groups, our benchmarking groups are industry specific, so you can learn from business owners who understand the specifics of your industry.

Owners have an opportunity to learn by measuring the performance of their company’s products, services, or processes against similar companies and industry best practices.

Our competitive benchmarking group is a tool that businesses use to pinpoint trends, challenges and opportunities in their industries.

Gain key competitive insights to drive results.

We help our groups carefully select and vet potential group members so that there is no competition between members. Our group members stay together long-term, because over the years, we have built lasting connections that are mutually beneficial. Our longest running group has been together for almost eight years! 

We are currently building groups in the following industries, with more to come:

  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • E-Commerce

Offer: Interested in joining one of our strategic benchmarking groups? Or looking to build one for your industry?