KPI Reporting

KPI Reporting is a tool that measures how your business is doing

KPI Reporting tracks goals, and identify strengths, weaknesses, and trends. Turning those reports into graphs and charts makes the data even more digestible. Putting commentary on the charts adds to the knowledge base, which can then be used to help the business leverage forward.



Strategy Leaders Action Plan For a Successful Business

Owners need to know what’s working and what’s off track in business.

Strategy Leaders KPI Reporting

The sooner they can see symptoms, and diagnose and correct problems, the better their businesses perform overall. That’s where KPI Reporting comes into play.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) align business goals and structure to reach across all parts of the organization. Reports provide valuable insights that show owners/managers where to focus time and attention. KPI reports are powerful tools that identify and acknowledge both top performers and weak links. Gain insight into what’s working with data-defined charts and graphs that show what needs work to meet designated goals.


Business owners can use KPI Reporting to focus, get on track, and gain freedom.

Most business owners are hands-on managers.

  • If they can’t touch it, they aren’t comfortable managing it.
  • Learning to work with KPIs, prepared and analyzed by a team of players, can allow an owner to step back from day-to-day involvement in the business.


We can help you to master every area of your business

Quickly establish a reporting tool you can use

At Strategy Leaders, we create and customize KPIs as full-scale Reporting Dashboards as well as simplified versions with select metrics that guide decisions, we can provide the tools.

Our proprietary Dashboard platform is built to address the reporting challenges of privately held small businesses. With the input of over 500 companies, we’ve built a scale-up/scale-out reporting tool to help you launch, manage, and measure goals.

Reporting is an essential part of managing, but it doesn’t end there. At Strategy Leaders, we provide a valuable service to existing clients by reviewing their data and providing them with comments and insights with each report. This is a great way for clients to quickly gain insight into what’s on track and what needs fixing, by pulling data from different sources.